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I take my words back

I used to tell this friend that his gf is making excuses about being stress and all, and other little misc. stuff that other ppl stress over. Now i take them ALL back. I think i truly understand how things no matter how small, when they pile up, will cause unnecessary stress and worrying. I think i can only be stress free when i am in full control of realistic issues that only ‘adults’ have to deal with. Thing is, I’m not an ‘adult’ yet! or at least not the kind of ‘adult’ i think is ‘adult-like’ when i was younger. GRRR did that even make sense????

I think i have such idealistic ideas and visions of the future when i was a kid and now nothing is coming close to how i thought things would work out. All I’m asking for now is a little more time. This is so cliche but why didn’t anyone warn me how worrying things can get as you get older?

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