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  1. I thought my legs would disintegrate if i stood up
  2. I thought at some point i would be paralysed
  3. I thought i was going to get robbed on my way home
  4. I thought the cab i was on was going to crash anytime
  5. I felt nauseous but nothing comes up and i kept thinking i’m going to force puke stuff from my small intestines ’cause my stomach was empty (does this even make sense?!?)
  6. I thought i was going to die from dehydration
  7. I felt like i was drowning and couldnt breathe here and there

and a shit load more but these were the consistant ones i could rmb. Oh ya but in the beginning it was not that bad ’cause i kinda saw things (in my head i think) all in brick forms. like tetris or smth. it was interesting until the bricks started moving faster and faster and i felt giddy.


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