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Batman: The Brave and The Bold

the new batman series The Brave and The Bold is as modernly old sch as Batman cartoons can get today, i think. the villains they have are absolute nothing you have ever seen or known of.

like, The Eraser.

Name’s wayyyy to cute for a villain!

On another note…..

Having this cake for my 21st would be awesome people. like seriously, AWESOME-NESS materialized.

Looks like playdoh or something right?! but it’s absolutely edible!

And the moment i got back from KL i got sick. Seriously i believe it’s the lack of slp, too much smoking and second hand smoke and the alcohol. Everything in excess, all compressed in like what, 2 days? Is making me ill. i bet i’m gonna look like shit tmr 9am in the morning for presentation.

and i believe i am the most laid back, can’t-be-bothered-to-look-my-best-when-on-holiday-unless-it’s-necessary person compared to my classmates. vain-ness aside la of course, people with tattoos are definitely vain. whether the tat is visible or not.

okay i’m kinda having nothing to say and my mind’s still pretty groggy. i dont even know if theres any linkage or anything. i am going to stop typing now because i am too groggy.

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